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January 2017 By Michael Sununu Among the many drivers of unsound public policy in this day and age, perhaps the most odious is the alarmism over changes in climate that are supposedly driven by human activity. Time and again, we have seen costly, unjustified, and economically destructive public policy implemented in the name of climate […]


The aerospace giant Boeing is shopping around for a new location to produce one of its new wide body jets, the 777X. Rather than a design a new plane from scratch, Boeing has opted to reinvent and update its popular 777 model; hence the ‘X’. The company is running into trouble with its unions at its major plant in Everett, Washington, over a host of issues but largely over a switch from a traditional pension to a 401(k) style plan for retirement.


We are treated this week to the news that federal politicians of both parties are quite often unable to discuss issues like adults. The quasi-shutdown of the government is the inevitable result of two groups trying very hard to disagree.


Charlie Arlinghaus January 18, 2011 As originally published in the New Hampshire Union Leader Be careful not to get on the wrong side of your legislator or he might pass a law just to get back at you. We are being treated to an example of the temptations of power this year as one legislator […]


Politicians are incapable of doing the right thing on their own. Without some sort of artificially imposed rules, they will continue along in their hapless way on the road to destroying the country. The federal budget is a problem that can only be solved by going back to the 1980s.


Government data shows that Governor John Lynch issued 352 exceptions to his Executive Order 2008-01 instituting a hiring freeze, a ban on out of state travel, and certain equipment purchases. The 352 exceptions cost a total of $6.2 million during the twelve months of fiscal year 2009. These totals are only for the months from July 1, 2008 through June 30 of this year and do not include the first four months of the executive order or the most recent two months.

For details on all of the exceptions granted click here for a


The full text of the governor’s executive order is attached

HERE (Executive Order)


JUA – Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

by Charles M. Arlinghaus

The Bartlett Center has been a leading opponent of the government’s attempt to take the private property commonly known as JUA. With the court ruling of 7-29-09 prohibiting the taking of $110 Million, readers may wish to see our previous work on the subject. Included an early piece (March 25) sounding the alarm before there was a lawsuit

Unacceptable Seizure of Private Funds

The other discusses the lawsuit and the reasons the taking would almost certainly be prohibited ( from July 8 )

Dangerous Taking of Private Property