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Why Obamacare Is Still With Us

The Josiah Bartlett Center’s Andrew Cline writes in USA Today that to replace Obamacare, Republicans must first agree to make a gradual transition toward a freer market in health care.  (Editor’s note: We did not write the USA Today headline. That was the work of an editor at the paper.)   Why Obamacare is still […]


March 23, 2016 Countering the Powerful Work Disincentive in Medicaid Expansion Charles M. Arlinghaus   The New Hampshire state senate is prepared to ignore economic research and abandon any real effort to include a work requirement in its expansion of Medicaid to able-bodied, childless adults. A proposal that began as a supposed compromise would currently […]


5,417 Granite Staters selected an insurance policy on the federal exchange in February. Since open enrollment began in October a total of 21,578 people have selected coverage. Overall, there has been very little change in the demographics of the pool since January, which is to be expected since as the pool grows larger, the harder it is to change the numbers.


January saw 5,417 Granite Staters select an insurance policy on the federal exchange. Since open enrollment began in October a total of 16,863 have selected coverage. The Department of Health and Human Services with each successive monthly report continues to add more demographic data, giving a more detailed look at the insurance pool and what type of coverage they have purchased.